Some additional interesting articles

Each week for work, I write a roundup of five interesting articles. Some weeks it's all I can do to come up with five articles, but this week I had a few extra I thought I'd share here.

Horace Dediu on misunderstanding Innovation

Mobile industry analyst Horace Dediu writes some of the most insightful pieces on the smartphone market and Apple. Here he weighs in on creativity and its role in society.

NPR on the importance of creative hobbies

Painting or crocheting in your free time certainly help make people happier in their off time, but can it also make you better at your job?

NYTimes explains the billing block

I've never really considered what goes into creating the jumble of credits at the bottom of a movie poster. Turns out it involves lots of lawyers and contracts and stuff.

Passwords and things

Passwords maybe on the way out and CAPTCHAs are crap.