Big-Boned Guy's Guide to the Apple Watch

Big-Boned Guy's Guide to the Apple Watch

As Casey Liss pointed out, it seems like all the comments I've read about how the Apple Watch fits have included some kind of qualifying statement about having small wrists for a man.

Well, I do not have small wrists. I have big ol' beefy wrists.

I had my Watch try-on appointment tonight at the local Apple Store and so here are some observations.

The 42mm size is right for me. All the bands I tried were perfectly easy to use, but of those I tried, the sport band was the most difficult to buckle.

Even though the 38mm isn't all that much smaller, it looked teeny tiny on my wrist. Here's a dramatization of what it looked like:

The "Watch" watch (the stainless steel one) is noticeably heavier, but isn't much, if at all, heavier than most of the metal watches I've owned.

The link bracelet is really nice. I didn't do the link-removal procedure, but the Apple Store employee showed it to me. It works more or less like the bands themselves. If I were to get one, I'd have to take out at least two links, even with my plus-sized wrists.

I tried the leather loop, the Milanese loop, the silver link bracelet and the white sport band.

The leather loop was my least favorite but was most my style. It's the only one that pinched my arm hair at all, but I'm not sure if that would be an ongoing problem.

The Milanese loop's magnet attaches extremely well, and I can't imagine it will suffer from any problems slipping loose. It's also slightly fancier than my everyday dress. I guess that's part of the aspirational nature of a $700 watch.

The link bracelet is nice, but is definitely priced as a status item.

I have a tendency to rest my wrists on my laptop exactly like you're not supposed to. Because of this, I have tended to remove my watch while working to keep from scratching my MacBook. The leather loop is the only band I tried that definitely wouldn't have that problem.

I believe that the sport band would also not scratch my computer, but it was hard to tell in the try-on area.

The store employees were discussing with each other that some of the try-on models had been scratched already (on the casings). If you don't like scratches and aren't good at babying your devices, well... you'll probably never want to get an Apple Watch.

I did not pre-order anything, but if I were to get one, I'd probably go for the sport for now.